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AMC supports Roots & Wings Internation Ministries by sending couples and teams to serve, as well as giving monthly financial support.

Roots & Wings International Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of Honey Grove, Texas. Roots & Wings works in Mazatlán, Mexico to provide impoverished families with healthy and affordable childcare for children who have no one to care for them while their parents are at work. Our goal is to minimize the number of children left at home or on the streets to fend for themselves and reduce the risk of these children being voluntarily or forcibly placed in an institution.

Roots & Wings’ mission is to assist these children in their physical, mental and spiritual development by providing safe and nurturing daytime care, food, clothing, medical and educational assistance, Biblical counsel and unconditional love. Roots & Wings also works with the child’s family and community to equip them to provide a better future for themselves and their children.

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Roots & Wings Report
January 2018

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season celebrating our Savior’s birth with your families, friends and church families.

This past quarter has probably been the most challenging season we have faced at Roots & Wings in four years. We have faced many spiritual attacks from both within and without. We know the enemy is not pleased with the work Roots & Wings is doing, and is fighting hard to regain the ground he has lost. We have had a few families and staff members leave the program, but we are pressing on holding onto to the promise that He is “doing a new thing! {He is} making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 40:19)

Currently, we have 39 children and 19 families in the program. Our current families are doing very well, and have demonstrated a deep commitment to the program. In September, we began courses for parents that deal with different aspects and challenges of being a parent/caregiver. Most of our parents successfully completed their first course in December, and we celebrated with a little graduation in their honor. We hope to continue offering courses throughout the year as part of a “School for Parents” in order to better equip them with the tools they need to keep their families together and give them the best chance of a successful future.

Last quarter we also placed a large focus on staff training. We had the amazing opportunity of attending a conference titled, “The Prevention, Detection and Intervention in Childhood Sexual Abuse” with Dr. Kevin Browne from Nottingham University. It was an incredible opportunity for us to learn as a team how to handle one of the biggest and most difficult problems we deal with at Roots & Wings on a regular basis. While the children are happy and safe at Roots & Wings, their lives outside our walls are much, much different. With no reliable government systems in place, for most of these children, Roots & Wings is their only source of security and relief, and thus it is important to be as prepared as possible to meet their needs. We encourage you to join us in keeping our children covered in God’s protection through prayer.

We have had a lot of fun family events at Roots & Wings this past quarter. We held a Narnia-themed fall festival where all our families came together to watch their children perform songs and skits, dress up, play games and share a meal together.

We also had our annual Christmas gala, themed “How the Grinch Found Jesus.” The Christmas program, the gifts and the meal were all a huge hit with the families, and they left feeling very grateful for the support they receive from so many who make all of this possible.

It is always our goal to teach every child in the program that it is FAR more blessed to give than to receive, that they have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and that it is the heart and will of Jesus share with those less fortunate. So this year, we took our student class to visit the children at Rancho de los Niños, an orphanage for special needs children. The kids had saved up money to purchase gifts for them, and they spent the morning getting to know, playing games and sharing gifts with the children at the orphanage. This outing really touched our children and opened their eyes not only to how blessed they are, the struggles of others, and that they, even as children, have the power to pay it forward and make a difference.

Right now our greatest need is staff. We need social workers and counselors to work with both children and parents. We also need administrative staff to help with the day to day administrative duties of Roots & Wings. We need school transportation and maintenance personnel. Pray that God would send laborers to Roots & Wings.

Also, we continue looking for full-time missionaries to join our staff. As we’ve mentioned before, we would love to have a couple or family that could work alongside us as God continues to grow the vision and reach of the ministry. This couple would also potentially serve as intern directors. We have had a lot of interest from college students and young adults in short-term service at Roots & Wings, but unfortunately, we do not have the ability to host them right now. The responsibilities of the intern directors would be to host and support volunteers and interns while they are in Mazatlán.

Finally, the interest in having church services at Roots & Wings is still strong, so we continue to pray for a couple that would be called to minister to the community through planting a church.

Still on our to-do list for this year: expand our dining room. We will soon begin fundraising to fund this project. We also anticipate providing scholarships for many more students next school year, so we hope to begin fundraising for that shortly as well.

As far as material needs, we continue to search for Spanish storybooks for children, computers for the student center, and printers. We would also be able to welcome a team that could paint the interior of Roots & Wings facility.  

THANK YOU, AMC, for your faithful support of Roots & Wings Ministries! Thank you for your prayers, which have been a huge source of strength for us in trying times. Thank you for the desks and chairs you provided to furnish our classrooms – they were such a perfectly-timed answer to prayer. Thank you for believing with us that children belong in families, instead of orphanages, and working with us to give every family the chance to stay together. We are grateful, and our families are grateful, for your support!

Much love from Mazatlán,
Rochelle Hiebert & Robin Davis


Our counseling department held 4 different life courses for R&W parents that lasted for 4 months. Almost all the parents passed their courses, and in December, received their first diploma.






In October, we held a Narnia-themed fall festival for R&W families (in lieu of Halloween celebrations). The kids performed skits and songs, played games, and shared a meal together with their families.





Last quarter, we also focused on staff training. We had the opportunity to attend a conference on the Prevention, Detection and Intervention of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr. Kevin Browne.





We also renewed our certification in Fire Safety, First Aid and Search & Rescue training.





We celebrated Mexico’s rich history and culture with two national holidays, Independence Day (Sept 15) and Revolution Day (Nov 20).

We welcomed two newborns, Aurora and Meredy.





In December, we received a visitor from Canada that not only provided musical instruments for the center, but also started many of the older children on guitar, piano and percussion lessons.

We also saw the return of new and old friends that dedicate time volunteering at R&W while they winter in Mazatlán.







On Dec 16th, we had our “How the Grinch Found Jesus” themed Christmas gala.







This year, our students chose to bless the children at Rancho de los Niños, an orphanage for special needs children. They then spent the morning with them playing games, pushing wheelchairs, giving hugs, and loving on the children at the orphanage.